How to propose a toast

How to propose a toast

The most common mistake foreigners make when they try to propose a toast in Russian is “НА здоровье”.  Actually it is very clear what they mean when they say this but you will never hear it from a Russian native speaker. Russians always drink ЗА (for) something. So we use the preposition “за” (not на).

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So next time when you are going to celebrate something with your Russian friends surprise them saying the toast as perfectly as native speakers do –  say, “За здоровье!”

And by the way health is not the only one thing Russians can drink to. You can also drink to:

За здоровье! – to health!
За любовь! – to love!
За богатство! – to wealth!
За успех! – to success!
За дружбу! – to friendship!
За Вас! – to you!
За нас! – to us!

ЗА – whatever but don’t forget to use the accusative case after “за”. More about the Accusative case

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