How to say “I wonder”

conversation phrases in russian

Everytime when you need to say “I wonder”, “I’m curious”, “I am interested” or “it is interesting” you can use a very good expression “мне интересно”.

Мне интересно
– it is interesting to me

Мне интересно, как давно вы тут работаетеI wonder how long you work here.
Мне интересно, что ты тут делаешь?I wonder what you’re doing here.

Also it is possible to say it without the pronoun “мне”

Интересно, откуда вы?I wonder where you are from.
Интересно, как вас зовут?I wonder what your name is.

The last expression for today with “интересно”  is

Просто интересно 

You can use it as an answer to a question “why are you asking?”.

It is like an English phrase “I’m just curious“.

– Сколько вам лет? (How old are you?)
– Почему вы меня спрашиваете? (Why are you asking me that?)
– Просто интересно (just curious).

It is very easy and short way to avoid the explanations the reason of your question.

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