Conjugation of Verbs


In many other languages verb changes for persons. And even in English we change the ending  for he/she/it (I work, he works). The same thing happens with Russian verb too.

But we have different endings for each person. This changing of verb is called conjugation. Look at the example of conjugation of verbs.

думать = to think

  • я думаю – I think
  • ты думаешь – you think
  • он/она думает – he/she thinks
  • мы думаем – we think
  • вы думаете – you think
  • они думают – they think

Pay attention that we replace the infinitive ending -ть.

I recommend you to practice it a little and only when you are confident with these endings you can learn that we have two types of conjugation.

russian verbs endings
The type of conjugation depends on the ending of verb in infinitive form.  Usually we have the 1st type. The 1st type verbs  ending in -ать, -ять, -еть or -ти in infinitive form.

The 2-d type verbs ending in -ить and some irregular verbs.

думать – to think

я думаю
Ты думаешь
Он думает
Мы думаем
Вы думаете
Они думают

говорить – to speak

Я говорю
Ты говоришь
Он говорит
Мы говорим
Вы говорите
Они говорят

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