How to tell the time

How to tell the time

For being able to tell the time you need to learn numbers. When you are confident with numbers you can easily say what time it is.

Just like this:

9:15девять пятнадцать (nine fifteen)
12:30двенадцать тридцать
11:45одиннадцать сорок пять
15:00пятнадцать ноль ноль
20:20двадцать двадцать

You also may use the word “час(o’clock). But there is one tricky thing you should remember when you use this word. It changes the ending. The ending depends on a number it’s following. If there is 2, 3 or 4,  the ending is . For numbers 5 and more the ending is -ов.

But after the 20 the ending of the word ‘час‘ depends on the last number.

For example:

Сейчас 21 час – it is 9 pm.

Сейчас 11 часов – it is 11 o’clock now.

Сейчас 22 часа – it is 22 o’clock (10 pm).



Some useful phrases about time:

a.m = утра

p.m = вечера

1. Сколько времени?
–  What time is it?

2. Во сколько у нас урок?
At what time do we have  a lesson?

3. Я встаю в 6 (шесть) часов утра.
I wake up at 6 a.m.

4. Я ужинаю в 6 часов вечера.
I have dinner at 6 p.m.


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