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Let’s learn new verbs about tidying up. Pay attention to the difference between «стирать» and «мыть«.

  • Мыть — to wash (a car, hands, apple,  hair ect.) 
  • Стирать — to wash clothes (only for textile)
  • Чистить — to brush (teeth, shoes )
  • Убирать — to tidy up, to clean (a room, a table ect.)

words for tidying

I would like you to pay special attention to the conjugation of the verbs «мыть» and «чистить«.

As you can see the verb «мыть» has the letter «ы» only in infinitive. When we conjugate the verb, «o» replaces the»ы«.

Also pay attention to the verb «чистить» — «ст» is replaced by «щ» for Я (first person in singular).

conjugation of verbs

conjugation of verbs

Learn few examples to be able to say a phrase about tidying up when you need it:

1. Я мою пол — I wash the floor.

2. Мы убираем дом — We clean the house.

3. Стиральная машина стирает одежду. — Washing machine washes the clothes.

4. Я чищу зубы каждый день — I clean my teeth every day.

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