How to explain where countries and cities are

Whenever you talk about cities and countries you need to know the words naming parts of the world. That will help you to explain where this place actually located.

Части света /  Parts of the world

  • север – north
  • юг – south
  • запад – west
  • восток – east

I hope you remember that if you’re talking about location you have to use the prepositional case.

Which means that we have to add the ending – е  to the name of place. Look at the examples:

  • США на западе
    The USA is in the west
  • Япония на востоке
    – Japan is in the east
  • Норвегия на севере
    – Norway is in the North
  • Зимбабве  на юге
    Zimbabwe is in south.

how to tell about location in russian