Subject – Object Distinction. Субъект – Объект. Различия.

Subject – Object Distinction. Субъект – Объект. Различия.

The Subject – Object distinction (S – O distinction) is a basis of the Russian Grammar. Let’s see how it works in the English language to understand the idea of it.

  •  Я люблю его. – I love him.

I‘ is a subject in this sentence because I make an action.

“Him” is an object in this sentence because he is accepting the other person’s action and not doing anything.

There are few more examples with the subject and object in a sentence:

  • Я знаю вас– I know you.
  • Я хочу кофе– I want some coffee.
  • Я понимаю их– I understand them.
  • Они видят нас– They see us.
  • Я слушаю тебя. – I am listening to you (informal).
  • Он понимает меня. – He understands me.

There are 5 types of objects (we call them cases). In this article there is the most important case. We call it accusative case. It is used for direct objects.

Subject (Субъект)

  • я – I
  • ты – you (singular informal)
  • он – he
  • она – she
  • оно – it
  • мы – we 
  • вы – you (plural or formal)
  • они – they

Object (Объект)

  • меня – me
  • тебя – you (singular informal)  
  • его – him (“г” sounds like / v / here)
  • её – her
  • его – it  
  • нас – us
  • вас  you (plural or formal)
  • их – them



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