Времена Года / Seasons

say about seasons in russian

Времена Года / Seasons

Новые Слова | New Words

  1. лето – summer
  2. осень – autumn
  3. зима – winter
  4. весна – spring

Грамматика | Grammar

When we speak about seasons in English and answer the question “when”, we always use the preposition “in” (in summer, in winter) . We never do that when we speak Russian. But instead of this we have to change the endings of the seasons. (If you are interested why we have these endings learn more about the instrumental case).

  1. летом – in summer
  2. осенью – in autumn
  3. зимой – in winter
  4. весной – in spring

Примеры | Examples

  1. Летом я был в отпуске – I was on vacation in the summer.
  2. Осенью идёт дождь – It is raining  in autumn.
  3. Зимой идёт снег – It is snowing in winter.
  4. Мой день рождения весной – My birthday is in spring.

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