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  1. Hello Irina,
    A friend of mine sent me a post announcing that you will be giving classes on Friday (‘Russian for Non-native Speakers’). I am very much interested in sitting in for your ‘Elementary level Class’ (13.45 – 14.45) with you permission. Please advise. Thank you. Patrick

  2. Hi Irina,
    I was wondering whether it is possible to use your textbook for self study? Also, do you show the stress marks on the Russian words?
    Большое спасибо

    1. Hi dear Juliana,

      The book was planned for learning with a Russian speaking teacher because there are a lot of role-plays, board games, which need a conversation partner, in it. Also in the Teacher’s book there are explanations for teachers how to explain grammar and cultural moments which is written all in Russian. But I know some people use “Russian souvenir” for self-study too. Because there are boxes with new words (which make a lexical set), texts and dialogues to read and to listen, grammar excercises. From my third book (B1 level) I started to give the keys to all the excercises in the workbook, and the right answers for student’s book excercies are in the teacher’s book. But the first book hasn’t the right answers for self-control. So, if you don’t have a teacher to help, or a Russian friend, you won’t be able to check yourself. One day I will improve my first two books (A1 and A2 levels) and add the keys and make it also avaliable for self-study.

      Regarding the stress marks I use the bold letter. like that this. I use it when there are new words and work on pronunciation. But as I don’t offer to students texts and grammar excercises which have new words, only those ones which have been learned by students before, in excercises and texts there are not stress marks.


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