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«Russian Souvenir» (Rus. Русский сувенир) is a communicative Russian course for Russian learners. Each course consists of the student’s book, audios/videos, workbook, teacher’s book and the additional for teachers materials. For now there were published courses for A1 (beginner/elementary), A2 (pre-intermediate) and B1 (intermediate) levels. My plan is plan is to create and publish the first in the world the whole line from A1 to C2 levels.

Here you can see the palns of each course (in Russian): А1,  А2 and B1.

Русский Сувенир 1Mozelova Irina. Russian Souvenir book 1

Русский Сувенир 2Irina Mozelova. Russian souvenir book 2.

 Новый Сувенир 3New Russian Souvenir book 3. Irina Mozelova


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