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«Russian Souvenir» (Rus. «Русский сувенир») is a modern communicative Russian course for English speaking adults. The main task of the course is teaching students to speak in everyday life (to meet people, to name the time, to exchange common phrases about the weather, to be surprised, happy, or disagree, to congratulate, to do shopping, to make and to accept compliments, to order the food at restaurant, to ask for directions and to understand them). The course provides everything what modern students need. The grammar is offered with the little pieces which are possible to learn at one lesson for native germanic or romanic languages speakers (such as English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese etc.) At higher levels students learn to speak about relationships, past experience, understand and explain cooking recipes, talk about people’s character, to orient in Russian Speaking Internet, understand Mass Media. They will learn a lot of useful information about Russia and its culture (idioms, proverbs, cultural traditions).

Each course consists of the student’s book, audios / videos, workbook, teacher’s book and the additional  e-materials for teachers. For now there have been published courses for A1 (from beginner to elementary), A2 (pre-intermediate) and B1 (intermediate) levels. The plan is  to create and to publish the first in the world whole line from A1 to C2 levels.

Russian Souvenir 1

irina mozelova, course book

Russian Souvenir 2 

irina mozelova. texbook. new russian souvenir

 New Souvenir 3

Irina mozelova, new russian souvenir, book

You can order any of these books to any country.

новый русский сувенир