How to fill the registration form in Russian

How to fill the registration form in Russian

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Today I want to teach you how to fill the registration form in Russian. You may need it when you want to go through the registration on a website or maybe for filling documents.

So, first look at the example on the right. Try to guess the meaning of words in this form.

Did you guess it correctly? Did you say:

how to fill the registration form

  • имя — name
  • фамилия — last name
  • пол — sex
  • семейное положение — marital status
  • возраст — age
  • телефон — phone number
  • электронная почта — email
  • адрес — address

Of course when you fill it you perfectly know your first and last names, your age, address and phone number.  But you have to know such words as:

  • мужской — male (adjective from «мужчина»)
  • женский — female (adjective from «женщина»)
  • женат — married (for men)
  • замужем — married (for women)

And the last thing I would like to tell you for today is how we pronounce names of websites and email addresses. Because as you have noticed they all have the English letters.

So we pronounce letters of the English alphabet or just read words in English but we have different words for such signs as:

  • @   собака (I have no idea why it is called «a dog»)
  • .     точка
  •     тире

And  for the names of Russian websites which have «.ru» at the end it sounds like «ру» (like in the word «ручка»).

Here are some examples of how it sounds if you speak Russian:

  • /рашн_тире_блог_точка_ру/
  • /ирина_точка_мозелова_собака_гмэйл_точка_ком/


*The bold letter in the middle of new words means the stress syllable.

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