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Russian is very easy in building question sentences. Everything you have to do is just rise your intonation to make it sound like a question. No need to change the order of words in the sentence. For example,

  • Ты хочешь кофе? – Do you want coffee?
  • Что ты тут делаешь? – What are you doing here?
  • Почему ты это сделал? – Why did you do this?


  • Что What
  • Кто  – Who
  • Какой / Какая / Какое / Какие What kind of («what» for adjectives)
  • Как – How
  • Когда  When
  • Во сколько – At what time
  • Почему Why
  • Зачем – For what
  • Где Where
  • Куда Whereto (direction)
  • Откуда Where from
  • Сколько – How many / How much


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