How to ask a question

You already know how to conjugate verbs for  present, past and future. That means that you already can say in Russian about actions which are happening, happened or will happen.

Probably you don’t know how to ask a question.

Ты работал много вчера.
You worked a lot yesterday
Ты работал много вчера?
Did you work a lot yesterday?

Actually Russian is very easy in this aspect because if you want to ask a question everything you have to do is just rise your intonation to make it sound like a question.

The difference is only a question-mark in the end which shows us that we have to rise our intonation.


If we have a question word in the beginning of a sentence the order of words in the sentence doesn’t change.

Ты хочешь спать.
You want to sleep.

Ты хочешь спать?
Do you want to sleep?

Почему ты хочешь спать?
Why do you want to sleep?

Как? – how?

Когда? – when?

Почему? – why?

Где? – where?

Куда? where to (direction)

Откуда? – where from?

Что? – what?

Кто? – who?

Какой? – what kind of?


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