Pronunciation / Произношение

These are video lessons about  pronunciation. The video lessons are made in Russian but you can see subtitles by clicking on this sign (captions) значок субтитров на ютубе of your youtube video player on wide screen. If you want to switch language (English or Russian) you need to click the settings icon как поменять язык субтитров в ютубе  on your video player.

Согласные (Consonants)

Ударение. Безударная “o” (Stress. Unstressed “o”)

Звук “ы” (The sound “ы”)

Разница между “Ш” и “Щ”
(Difference between ш and щ)

Как произносить предлоги
(How to pronounce prepositions)

Слова, где “г” произносится как “в”
(Words where “г” sounds like “в”)

Гласные (Vowels)

Твёрдый и мягкий знак (Hard and Soft sign)

Как произносить “е”, “я”, “э” (How to pronounce “е”, “я”, “э”)

Звук “р” (Russian “r” sound)

Звонкие парные согласные на конце слов (Voiced paired consonants at the end of words)

Когда “ё” звучит как “о” 
(When “ё” sounds like “о”)

Буква “ц”. Комбинация “тс”=[ц]
(Letter “ц”. Combination “тс” sounds like “ц”)


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    Today I have discovered your site. It is very nice and useful, I can hear a native Russian speaking in Russian not in English and more than that with Russian subtitles! It is all I could wish! Thank you for being!

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