The Prepositional Case for Beginners

Привет,  Друзья!

Today I would like to tell you about the prepositional case. We use it when we are talking about location after prepositions в (in), на (on). Look at the example:


  • Георгий в доме – George is in the house (house is his location)
  • Ваза на столе – Vase is on the table (table is its location)

So every time when you talk about location you have to use the prepositional case, which means you need to add (or if a word is ending in a vowel to replace the last letter with) the ending  .

таблицы с падежами

As you can see from the table – usually we need to use the ending -e for the prepositional case, but when the noun is ending in  -ий, -ия,   –ие we have to replace them with -ии.

I hope it was useful! If you feel it is easy for you you can improve your grammar level by reading more about the prepositional case.


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