Prepositional Case. Location / Предложный падеж. Местонахождение

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The prepositional case is used when we are taking about location after prepositions в (in), на (on) answering the question «where» (где?).

предложный падеж. мозелова

  • Мужчина в доме – A man is in the house (house is his location)
  • Ваза на столе – The vase is on the table (table is its location)
  • Цветы в вазе – Flowers are in the vase.
  • Он сидит на стуле – He is sitting on the chair.

In most situation the ending for singular nouns in the prepositional case is -e for all genders.

окончания предложного падежа

But when a noun is ending in  -ий, -ия or —ие the prepositional ending is -ии. For example,

  • Это Россия – This is Russia
  • Мы живём в России – We live in Russia.
  1. With buildings, cities or countries  (офис, банк, кафе, ресторан, аптека, Москва, Италия) use the preposition в (in).
  • Мы живём в Москве. – We live in Moscow
  • Мы сейчас в Италии. – I am in Italy now.
  • Я сейчас в офисе. – I am in the office now.

2. With surface or big open space (стол, крыша, пляж, остров) use the preposition на (on).

  • Ваза на столе. – The vase is on the table
  • Мы сейчас на стадионе. – We are at the stadium now.
  • Я сейчас на крыше. – I am on the roof.

3. With events (abstract nouns) use the preposition на (on, at).

  • Мы были на уроке. – We were at lesson
  • Мы сейчас на совещании. – We are at the meeting now.
  • Я на вечеринке. – I am at the party.

If you want to learn more about the the prepositional case, look here.

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