Past Tense

We change verbs to describe actions in the past (went, bought, did). The same thing occurs in the Russian language as well .

We make the past tense by replacing the infinitive ending -ть with:

1.    (for masculine gender)
Он работал вчера – He worked yesterday.

2.  -ла (for feminine)
Она работала вчера – She worked yesterday.

3.    -ло ( for neutral)
Это хорошо работало – it worked good.

4.       -ли (for plural: мы, вы, они)
Мы работали вместе – we worked together.

It is easy to remember for he (он) you need to use, for she (она) you need -ла.

Pay attention for I (я) and for singular you (ты) you may use both:

or -ла. It depends on who made this action in past: male or female.
Я думалI thought (if I am a man)
Я думала – I thought (if I am a woman)


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