Past Tense / Прошедшее время

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The past tense is used to talk about actions in the past. There are 4 variants of endings in the past tense:

  •   (for masculine gender) Он работал вчера – He worked yesterday.
  • -ла (for feminine gender) Она работала вчера  She worked yesterday.
  • -ло (for neuter gender) Это хорошо работало  It worked well.
  • -ли (for plural) Мы работали вместе  We worked together.

прошедшее время глагола

It is important to remember that for pronouns «я» (I) and «ты» (you singular informal) the ending depends on the gender. For example,

  • Я думал I thought (if I am a man)
  • Я думала – I thought (if I am a woman)
  • Ты думал – You thought (I am talking to a male person)
  • Ты думала – You thought (if I am talking to a female)

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