How to make a verb

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Today I would like to tell you how to make a verb from the adjective. For example we have few adjectives:

красный red
старый – old
толстый – fat
худой – slim
красивый – beautiful
богатый – rich
бедный – poor
пьяный – drunk

To get a verb we need to replace an adjective ending -ый/-ий/-ой with a verb infinitive suffix -еть.

краснеть – to become red, to blush
стареть – to get older
толстеть – to get fatter
худеть – to get slimmer
красиветь – to become more beautiful
богатеть – to become rich
беднеть – to become poor
пьянеть – to get drunk

Don’t forget that we have to conjugate verbs for persons

Я краснею, когда обманываю – I blush when I lie
Он толстеет, когда ест гамбургеры вечером. – He gets fatter when he eats hamburgers in evening time.
Она хочет худеть – she wants to get slimmer.


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