3 thoughts on “Lesson 8. Colours. Endings of adjectives

  1. continue of my previous question about -ный -ний
    in енн , e should be unstressed? I notice in весе́нний
    [вес][е́нн]ий but it is stressed e (е́)

    1. Yes, you are right, the rule says, that if an adjective has the suffix -енн it is unstressed, and if there is the suffix -онн – it is stressed.
      For example, клЮквенный and порциОнный.
      But the word “весЕнний” is an exception. It is easier just to memorise it.

      1. Thanks. And sure I kniw the rules of spelling.. ч ш щ ж к г х for ий maybe ц too.
        Also important thing as I know in each word we have ine stress ‘ do for ой if the syllables don’t has ‘ … so it should be stressed ой.
        Thanks a lot 😚

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