Learn common phrases

Here I would like to offer you a very effective way to learn Russian. You can download the cards below. One side of the card has the phrase in Russian with transcription (the explanation how it sounds for English speakers) and the other side has the translation into English. You need to print cards out. Make sure that you placed the paper correctly in the printer, because otherwise you don’t get the translation of a phrase on the other side.  You can also download mp3 files, where I recorded these phrases. So you can download them into your computer, phone or CD and practice new phrases hearing and repeating. When you learn them you can test yourself by reading the English side and saying the Russian translation. Next week download more cards. After few months you will see the real progress. I hope this way of learning will really help you to learn.

  1. Common phrases – 1.    _____________    audio-1
  2. Common phrases – 2.    ______________  audio-2
  3. Common phrases – 3.     ______________ audio-3

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