Irregular Verbs in Past Tense

The past tense is formed by replacing the infinitive ending -ть with -л/-ла/-ло/-ли (depending who made this action in past). More about past tense. Some verbs are exceptions. You should memorize them.

1. Идти – to go

  • он шёл – he went
  • она шла – she went
  • оно шло – it went
  • они шли – they went

2. Мочь – can, may

  • он мог – he could
  • она могла – she could
  • оно могло – it could
  • они могли – they could

3. Есть – to eat

  • он ел – he ate
  • она ела – she ate
  • оно ело – it ate
  • они ели – they ate

For pronouns Я and Ты the ending depends on the gender. If a male made this action, use он–form. If a female made the action, use она–form.

  • Я мог – I could (if I am a man)
  • Я могла – I could (If I am a woman)
  • Ты шёл – you went (if I am talking to a man)
  • Ты шла – you went (If I am talking to a woman)

For any noun or pronoun in plural use они-form.

  • Мы ели в кафе – We ate in the cafe.
  • Друзья ели дома – Friends ate at their house.

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