We have these objects (Michael, Tamara, pizza and mashrooms):

instrumental case in russian for beginners

How you would say in Russian, “Michael and Tamara love pizza with mushrooms”? Try to say that before reading further.

Every time when there is a preposition “с(with), you should use the instrumental case, which means, you should change the endings of nouns. Look at the table of endings of the Instrumental case for masculine, feminine, neuter and plural nouns.

instrumental case_table

So to say that in Russian you can say:

Майкл и Таммара любят пиццу с грибами

or even like that:

Майкл с Тамарой любят пиццу с грибами.


In case if you wonder, why we have changed пицца” to “пиццу, look up the article about the accusative case here.

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