How to learn Russian with

There are 6 main units in this website.

  1. Beginners
  2. New words
  3. Pronunciation
  4. Grammar
  5. Read and listen
  6. How to ..

If you are a beginner I recommend you to start with the category “beginners”. Lessons in this category are made in English. They introduce you to the Russian alphabet, basic  rules etc. You will  also improve your vocabulary. There are also useful sections for you named “Cards”, “New words” and “Mozelesson”. The  section “new words” will help you to improve you vocabulary. All the words are recorded. So you’ll be able to listen tthem and to repeat. Pay atthention at the menu on the left, you will find there the section “Easy words to learn”.  I am collecting  there the words which are the same in Russian and some other languages.

For working on pronunciation  and listening to the Russian speech you can go to “Pronunciation” unit. In this unit you will be able to watch my video lessons in Russian with subtitles. All the videos in this category are made in Russian. So it is better to use for more advanced level if you want to reduce the accent.

If you are already a little more confident with your Russian, you can read  and listen posts in the category “Read and liaten”. The articles in this category have  a vocabulary part after each post. And I also reordered them to let you  hearing Russian speech.

If you are interested in learning the grammar, you should visit the “Grammar” page.

And the unit “how to ….” is created to help you improving your communication skills. Here you can find new words and phrases or posts with explanations of what to say in different situations (like how to give an opinion or to make a call, or to make an order at the restaurant).

There is also the unit named “videos”. This page will help you to develop the listening skills. Some videos are made in Russian and some – in English.

There is also a category “for teachers”.  I post there useful materials for lessons, some news and offers for teachers and  my personal opinion on some aspects of teaching and my thought about the Russian language in general.

All my newest posts you can see in the MAIN PAGE.

I hope it will be helpful for you!

Enjoy your learning experience!

Irina Mozelova


8 thoughts on “How to learn Russian with”

  1. Dear, how to find all our comments or questions in this blog. I have many and in the future so many, but not remember how to get to them.
    Is there an option to see all my comments and get to their page too?

    1. Hello, Elias! To be honest, I don’t know. I thought you get an email every single time, when I answer. Perhaps, you couldn’t find your comments before because every comment appears on the website after I approve it. I did in my settings to avoid different kinds of spam which spread differet viruses.

      1. Ahhh, Okaay
        I understand, so thanks for you … it is a hard work really for you. Thanks a lot for all that information, videos… sure we will enjoy them.
        I will register my questions or important remarks, so I can get to them later easly

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