How to write cyrillic letters

If you already know how to read printed letters that means you already can write. But if you write all letters in the same way as they are printed probably it is taking too much of time to write such letters like: я, ж, ы, б, щ, ц, ч
If you learn Russian hand-writing  you will be able to write  faster and to understand other people’s handwritten letters.

Look how it looks

как писать кирилицей

Pay attention that handwritten д, и, п,  т, ш can be really confusing.

If you want to practice writing the Cyrillic letters, you can download the page from here, print it out and improve your writing.

Let’s do a little test on your undesrtanding the Russian handwritten letters. Try to read these sentences. What do they mean?

how to understand the russian coursive

Did you do it right? Write in comments below the phrases you could figure out. You homework is to write phrases about yourself.


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