Russian way to say “I have”

Russian way of saying “I have” is different from the English language. We have a verb “иметь” which means “to have” and we could say “я имею” which means “I have”. It could be understandable. But people never say that. They always use the special construction for showing their possession:

Уname the person who has есть

These constructions can be translated to English as:

“there is a house near Johnny”
“there is a cat near Tammy”
“there is a job near Blair”

у – near
есть – there is / there are


У Джонни есть дом
Jonny has a house

У Тамми есть кошка
Tammy has a cat

У Блэр есть работа
Blair has a job

If you don’t want to name names and you just want to say, “I have” or “you have” you need to use a pronoun (меня, тебя ect.) instead of name.

Pay attention, it is very important  – we use pronouns as objects not subjects (more about pronouns here).

у меня есть (NOT:  у  я  есть)

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