Gender of Nouns / Род существительных

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There are two types of nouns – animated (people) and inanimate (things). The gender of animated nouns is always obvious, a word for a «man» (dad, man, grandpa) is a masculine noun (he), and a word for a «woman» (girl, mom, aunt) is a feminine noun (she). In the English language, all inanimate nouns are neuter gender (it). In Russian, they can be masculine, feminine or neuter.

  • masculine (he)
  • feminine (she)
  • neuter (it)

It is easy to identify the gender of a noun. Everything you have to do is to look at the ending of the word.


If a noun ends in a consonant (or -ь), that means it is a masculine gender noun. Feminine nouns end in -а, -я (sometimes in the  too). Neuter gender nouns have endings or  -е.

  • домa house (he)
  • машина – a car (she)
  • метро – metro (it)

There are very few exceptions you have to learn. Nouns «имя» (name) and «время» (time) are neuter gender nouns even though they end with the feminine ending .

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