Future tense / Будущее время

Future tense is used to describe actions in the future. There are two future tenses in Russian. But  for the elementary level it is enough to learn the only one. It is made with the verb “быть” in the future tense and the infinitive of the main verb. Main verb is a verb describing an action.

For example,

  • Я буду работать завтра – I will work tomorrow.
  • Ты будешь делать это – You will do this.
  • Мы будем пить кофе – We will drink coffee.

будущее время. РКИ

What makes the Russian future tense different from English is that if the second verb (after “will”) is the verb “to be”, we don’t have it.

  • Я буду там – I will be there. (Not! Я буду быть там)
  • Он будет дома – He will be at home

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