Short and full adjectives – 1 / Краткие и полные прилагательные – 1

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Adjectives can have full form (красивый) and the short one (красив). To make a full adjective short we need to take away the ending.

  • счастливый – счастлив
  • злой – зол
  • расстроенный – расстроен

For describing feminine nouns we need to add the ending -a. For neuter gender nouns the short adjective has the ending -o, and for plural nouns the ending is -ы.

  • девушка: счастливая – счастлива
  • девушка: злая – зла
  • подруга: расстроенная – расстроена
  • знакомство: приятное – приятно
  • люди: дружелюбные – дружелюбны.

The difference between full and short adjectives is that full ones express the idea of the constant quality.

  • Он счастливый человек (He has a happy life, he is always happy) – He is a happy person.

Short adjectives represent the idea of temporary characteristic, like emotions.

  • Я рад тебя видеть (I am not glass all the time, only right now) – I am glad to see you
  • Он а сегодня зла (She is not angry always) – She is angry today.

So we also use short adjectives to describe emotions or to give subjective assessment.

  • Она была груба – She was rude (This is my subjective opinion about her).

And what is also important to mention is that with short adjectives never have a noun after.

  • Она – красивая девушка – She is a beautiful girl.
  • Она была красива в этот вечер – She was beautiful in this evening.

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