Pronouns in the dative case / Местоимения в дательном падеже

Dative pronouns or pronouns in the dative case are used when we have preposition “to” before a pronoun in English.

  • мне – to me
  • тебе –  to you (singular informal)
  • ему  to him
  • ей – to her
  • ему – to it
  • нам – to us
  • вам – to you (plural or formal)
  • им – to hem

We use the dative pronouns in 4 situations:

1. When there is an addressee (the person who is receiving something).

  • Скажи мне – Say it to me.
  • Я дал ему информацию – I gave the information to him.
  • Я отправил ей имейл – I sent an email to her.

2. When we want to say that we need something with the words “нужно ” or “надо“.

  • Мне нужно работать – I need to work (Basically we say “it is necessary to me”, not “I need”)
  • Тебе  нужно это? – Do you need this?
  • Нам надо делать это – We need to do it.

3.     With the verb “нравиться” which means “to like”.

  • Мне нравится это – I like it. (Basically we say “it is pleasing to me”, not “I like”)
  • Тебе нравится это? – Do you like this?

4.   When we are talking about age.

  • Мне 26 лет. – I am 26 years old. (Basically we say “it is 26 years to me”, not “l am 26”)
  • Ему 80 лет. – He is 80 years old.
  • Ей 15 лет. – She is 15 years old.


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