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5 thoughts on “DATIVE CASE

  1. Since I have a question about dative case and I put it in unrelated subject (difficult to find) I will re-ask it here.

    In Dative case feminine personal pronoun we use «ей» или «ею», but when this and not the other?

    Thanks for your reply Miss Irina.

    1. Hi, Elias! In dative case the only one pronoun is correct. It is «ей». You cannot say «я сказал ею». It is wrong. You should say «Я сказал ей». «Ею» is kind of singing version for the instrumental case only «Я горжусь ей/ею», not for dative.

      1. Yes, yes, I forgot… I am already asked it for instrumental case in another page, which I can’t find it anymore ;)
        Thanks anyway.
        So no exactly rules where to use ей or ею? both are right for instrumental case as I understand. and only created for singing purpose or spelling tone. :)

        Thank you

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