ДАЧА / Learn Russian with Ads

ДАЧА / Learn Russian with Ads

Дача  /dacha/ is a country house, a dacha.

Russians love to go to country side at weekends, especially at summer time. Look at the advertising and realize that you actually can understand Russian. Below the video there is a vocabulary.


  • дача – dacha
  • Мы на даче! – We are at the dacha!
  • В OBI есть всё, чтобы дача радовала вас – The OBI has everything to make your dacha to make you happy.
  • радовать – to make somebody happy, to gladden
  • хвойные – coniferous trees
  • Хвойные за 149 (сто сорок девять) рублей. – Coniferous for 149 rubles.

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