Construction “I had” / Конструкция “У меня был”

If you want to use the construction “У меня есть …” in the past tense, you should put the verb “есть” (to be) into the past tense. Here are some examples,

  • У меня был урок – I had a lesson
  • У меня была встреча – I had a meeting
  • У меня было совещание – I had a business meeting
  • У меня были проблемы – I had problems

Pay attention that the verb “быть” depends on the gender of the object. “Урок” is a masculine gender noun, we say “был урок”, and “встреча” is a feminine noun – we say “была встреча”. Basically we say, “meeting was near me”, so this is why the verb depends on the logical object.

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