How to congratulate in Russian

How to congratulate in Russian

Поздравлять – to congratulate

я поздравляю
ты поздравляешь
он поздравляет
мы поздравляем
вы поздравляете
они поздравляют

what to say when you want to congratulate

Я поздравляю тебя – I congratulate you (informal)
Я поздравляю вас – I congratulate you (formal and plural)

The verb “поздравлять” needs the preposition с (with). So that means we congratulate WITH holidays:

Праздники / Holidays:

День Рождения – Birthday
Годовщина -Anniversary
Рождество – Christmas
Новый Год – New Year
Свадьба – Wedding

Я поздравляю тебя с Рождеством!
I congratulate you WITH Christmas! (Merry Christmas!)

Я поздравляю тебя с днём рождения! I congratulate you on your birthday (Happy Birthday!)


The preposition c (with) always needs the instrumental case for nouns after it.

Which means we have to add the ending -ом (-ем) for masculine and neuter nouns. And we have to  replace last letter with -ой (-ей ) for feminine nouns.

In case if you have forgotten which nouns are masculine and which ones are feminine or neuter – please watch here.

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