In this lesson I am going to tell you about the most important verb of motion «идти» (to go) and what happens to it if we add prefixes. First let me remind you its conjugation: идти / пойти  — infinitive Look at table, here you can see  how the verb идти changes its meaning if we add  prefixes: Now I would like to give you some phrases with these prefixes (in some phrases you will meet the verb «ходить» which means «to go» as well. If you want to know the difference between them —  watch here): 1. Вы сейчас выходите? — Are you going Read More →

Verbs of motion is a special category of verbs which expresses the idea of movement. For example, идти (to go), ехать (to go transport). The feature of verbs of motion is that they have two forms to express the idea of direction. The main idea is that «идти» and «ехать» are used for one way direction. Verbs «ходить» and «ездить» are used for many directions (regular action or movement there and back). What is also important to mention that all these verbs are in imperfective aspect. идти – to go on foot (focusing on the process, or one way direction) ходить – to go on foot (regular action: usually, always, oftenRead More →