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Hello my dear friends! Today we will learn words for transport and 2 very useful for communication verbs. Let’s start with words for kinds of transport.

kinds of transport. dictionary

I would like to pay your attention to verbs that we use with transport. Continue reading ТРАНСПОРТ / TRANSPORT

Еда / Food

Hello, my friends! Today we will learn some words for food.

food. pictures

Listen and repeat the pronunciation of these words.


And now I recommend you for practising to compose some sentences. Just say something about each product, what you love and what don’t. For example,

  • Я люблю кофе. – I love coffee.
  • Я не люблю пиво. – I don’t like beer.

And don’t forget that things we love or don’t love should be in the accusative case, because they are our direct objects. For example,

  • Я люблю рыбу. – I love fish.


First let me explain you the names of rooms in Russian. Read the words below and pay attention to the stress. The bold letters mean the stress.

маленький домик

And now, let’s learn some words for furniture.

furniture in russian

So now, let’s practise our new words. Answer the questions as in the model.

  1. Где у вас в доме стол (Where is a table in your house?)? – У меня стол на кухне (in the kitchen).
  2. Где у вас в доме диван? –
  3. Где у вас в доме кровать?
  4. Где у вас в доме картина?
  5. Где у вас в доме шкаф?
  6. Где у вас в доме полка?
  7. Где у вас в доме зеркало?
  8. Где у вас в доме телевизор?

I hope you didn’t forget about using the prepositional case for locations: на кухне, в кабинете etc. More about the prepositional case is here.