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  1. Good website and thanks for you as usually, and thanks for your answers to my previous questions.

    I have a new question:
    When we use in instrumental case ей & ею? what is the difference?

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi, Elias!

      Actually there is no difference. It is correct from grammar point to use endings -ой and -ей. But very often in songs and poems are used endings -ою and -ею to make the words longer and more appropriate for singing. But if fast spoken speech, we always use the endings -ой and -ей.

      1. So, in feminine instrumental case -ей and -ею are the same, so no preposition before can affect or as I checked on the net that -ею used instead of -ей in instrumental case to avoid conflict between instrumental and dative case. So it is not true as I understand from you…. Bce PaBHo [-ей N -ею)
        (both are the same)
        Thanks you very much
        CPacibo gromkoe i balshoe :)

        1. Yes, you can say, “я горжусь своей мамой” or “я горжусь своею мамою“. And the first variant is more common and is good formal speech or everyday. The second one is used only in songs and poems, or in old books you can also see it.

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