How to apologize in Russian

First of all you need to learn new verbs:

  • Извинить
  • Простить

Everytime when you  say:

  • I’m sorry
  • Excuse me
  • Forgive me

phrases for asking

You have to use one of these verbs (извинить or простить) in the imperative mood:
excuse me, I’m sorry, forgive me

Прости(те) excuse me, I’m sorry, forgive me


Извините, пожалуйста, вы знаете где метро? – Excuse me, do you know where metro station is?
These two verbs are replaceable, you can choose any of them. But don’t forget about formal and informal ways of speaking:

извините and простите are  formal (for people who you don’t know personaly or to show the respectation to the older age).

извини or прости are informal  (between friends).

If you want to translate the expression “I want to apologize” it is better  to memorize the Russian expression  “Я хочу извиниться

извиниться – to apologize

For the situations when you don’t have to apologize. You just hear about somebody’s problems or any bad news you can say:

Мне жаль it is so pity


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