Adverbial participle | Деепричастие

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Деепричастие is a special form of verb which includes features of a verb and an adverb. So we use it as an additional action to describe the main action. Look at the example:


  • Мальчик читает книгу и слушает музыку.

Or we can say:

  • Мальчик читает книгу, слушая музыку.

It has the same meaning but as you can see in the second example the verb «слушать» has a different form. This is adverbial participle.

So as you can see from the example we use it when someone is doing two things at the same time:

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So everything you have to do is just to replace the infinitive ending  -ть of one of two verbs with the ending .

Here are some more examples:

  • Работая целый день, я думал о тебе — I’ve been thinking about you during the whole work day.
  • Он шёл улыбаясь —  He was walking and smiling.
  • Я читал книгу, смотря телевизор. — I was reading a book while I was watching the TV.


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