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Adjectives are special words for describing nouns.

  • Хороший человек –  nice person
  • Отличная погода good weather

The same adjective may have 4 variants of  endings. All these 4 words mean «beautiful».

  1. красивый
  2. красивая
  3. красивое
  4. красивые

For choosing the ending of an adjective look at the noun after and find out if it is a masculine, feminine, neuter or a plural noun. More about genders here.

  1. красивый телефон a beautiful phone (he)
  2. красивая машина – a beautiful car (she)
  3. красивое окно – a beautiful window (it)
  4. красивые машины – beautiful cars (they)

окончания прилагательных. рки


Normally the masculine ending is  -ый , but if before the ending there is one of these letters: к, г, ш, щ, ж, ч, х or the soft нthe ending will be -ий. Nouns with the soft -н- you should remember like exceptions. The good news, we don’t have many of them.

If the last syllable is stressed the ending is ой.

For describing feminine nouns, the endings are -ая or -яя . In most cases the ending is -ая, but if the masculine adjective has the soft —н- before -ий, feminine adjective will have the soft ending -яя. The same rule works and for neuter gender nouns and plural nouns (Use the second line in the table for the soft variant). But regarding the plural don’t forget about impossibility of having the letter after one of those seven letters, this is why the ending is -ий.

  • Красивый мужчина – Handsome man
  • Красивая девушка – Beautiful girl
  • Большой тетар – Big theatre
  • Большая улица – Big street
  • Большие города – Big cities
  • Маленький дом – Small house
  • Маленькая собака – Small dog
  • Маленькое кафе – Small cafe
  • Синий костюм – Blue suit
  • Синяя рубашка – Blue shirt
  • Синее море – Blue sea
 Learn more adjectives for practicing here.

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