The Accusative Case for Beginners

Hello my Friends!

Today I would like to tell you about the Accusative case.

Look at the example:

Steven is a person who makes an action. He is a subject. His car doesn’t do anything. It does not make any action but it accepts the Steven’s action. So we can call it a direct object. So if we have objects we should put them into the Accusative case. Which means we should replace some endings. Look at the table of endings:

endings of nouns in the accusative case

As you can see we change only feminine nouns (we replace the ending with and the  with ). This is why we have changed “машина to “машину.

And we also change masculine animated nouns. Saying animated I mean a person or an animal. For example:  Я знаю президента –  I know the president. (“President” is a masculine animated noun, that’s why we added the ending -a).

And remember if you love, hate, see, buy, lose, find, watch, know, read, learn things – they are your objects and should be  in the accusative case.

I hope it was understandable!

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